Spine Articles

Clear Aligners for Teeth Affect Posture

Williamson chiropractic care notices patients’ postures and now, with new a research report, looks for changed posture in those who wear clear aligners. 

Beneficial Chiropractic Care for Spine Pain

Your Williamson chiropractor at Apple Country Chiropractic confidently cares for back pain for relief and is efficient at coordinating care with fellow healthcare providers.

Fear of the “Damaged Back”

Apple Country Chiropractic helps relieve the fear of back pain and the fear of moving while reducing the back pain itself. 

Chiropractic Care for C7/T1 Disc Herniations

The C8 disc usually refers pain down the arm and into the pinky finger. Apple Country Chiropractic knows it may cause other issues, too, which chiropractic can help.