Considerations of Williamson Back Surgery for a Herniated Disc

The aggravation of Williamson back pain: It hurts. It disrupts life. It does not always react positively to the best-intended care programs: back surgery or conservative. That is the reason Apple Country Chiropractic exists. Apple Country Chiropractic is here to assist Williamson back pain and neck pain patients find an alternative that functions for their Williamson back pain relief goal.


There are many Williamson back pain relief plan options! Recent research reveals some fascinating findings. Let us look at opioids and Tylenol for back pain relief. There’s no difference in low back pain relief and radicular extremity pain (leg pain sciatica) relief between taking Tylenol and using powerful opioid drugs. (1) Melatonin defends the intervertebral disc’s nucleus pulposus cells from apoptosis (cell death) and stopped disc degeneration. (2) Melatonin accomplishes this. There is hope for disc degeneration’s reversal. And what about this study? Spontaneous resorption of a lumbar herniated disc seen on MRI was seen in all of 9 patients who experienced back pain and sciatic leg pain, declined back surgery, and demonstrated no motor deficit! It took a mean of about 8.7 months. Clinical relief with conservative treatment took a mean of just 5.7 weeks. (3) That’s rousing news! The discs resorbed.


What compels a patient to decide on Williamson back surgery over other options? The patient’s ideas about the treatment may potentially based on insufficient information. The time it takes a patient to decide may be sped up because of scheduling when the patient is one who needs time to really think about the options. The patient’s not wanting to upset the system, upset the healthcare provider by refusing recommended treatment. The patient’s earlier experiences with treatment options as chosen by relatives or friends and the resultant good or bad outcomes. Choosing back surgery or a non-surgical treatment plan for low back and/or leg pain due to a disc herniation is a considerably complex decision. (4) It’s a decision-making process Apple Country Chiropractic knows well, that Apple Country Chiropractic has helped many Williamson chiropractic patients to make. Apple Country Chiropractic views each patient as an individual case with many external influencing factors. Armed with knowledge of the spine, of disc conditions, of the research-supported treatment options with pleasing clinical outcomes, Apple Country Chiropractic can support that decision process, set up a treatment plan with goals that, should they not happen as anticipated, keeps the back surgery option open should it be needed. Take time to decide on Williamson back surgery for Williamson back and leg pain due to disc herniation. It is an important decision! Apple Country Chiropractic has helped may Williamson back pain patients with Cox Technic to avoid back surgery.

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. James Cox as he discusses more about the decision to proceed with back surgery or not on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson.

Schedule your Williamson chiropractic appointment today for a Williamson back pain relief discussion of Williamson surgical and non-surgical options. Apple Country Chiropractic knows the frustration of back pain and is ready to help you understand the options for its relief. Apple Country Chiropractic is your partner in Williamson back pain relief no matter the road you choose.

Williamson back surgery for a disc herniation is an option to be carefully studied before a decision is made to proceed.  
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